Your warranty is automatically registered once you place an order on CASIO Australia website www.casio.shriro.com.au

In order to avoid disappointment, we recommend for you to keep your invoice on file for future reference. If you are planning to gift this product, please provide receiver with the invoice number product was purchased on (i.e #CTP1010)


Shriro Australia, the exclusive distributor of Casio Timepiece products in Australia provides a 2 year conditional replacement warranty from the date of original purchase. If you require a warranty repair, your product can be sent directly to Shriro Australia for repair. Exchanges and refunds must be done at the retailer your product was purchased from.



What is covered?


For a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, we will gladly replace your product with the same or similar product provided a defect in material and/or workmanship verified by our Customer Service team.


For models sold with approximate 10 years battery life, Shriro or it's authorised service centres will replace the battery at no cost. However, cost of any fitting and pressure testing is at the owner's expense.


What is NOT covered?

1. Accidental damage or fair wear and tear (i.e of case and band)

2. Any failure caused by the product not being used in accordance with instructions

3. Failure caused the improper repair or adjustments by anyone other than Shriro or its authorised repair centres

4. Fitting costs of approximate 10 year batteries



Non-Warranty Repairs
Repairs that are not covered by warranty (wear & tear or physical damage) or repairs outside of the warranty period can be carried out by Shriro Australia or its authorised service centres at a charge. Unauthorised repairs will not be backed by Shriro Australia.



Repairs contact

If you wish to send your product in to Shriro Australia for repair, please contact the Casio Service team via the email below;